buscando la vida tropical (Roof party, jaffa) Israel. (2015)
coco man (official clip)
september 2017
la bonita mentirosa
la modulatzia (zorba festival)
 israel (2016)

multucultural music! tropical / balkan / middle eastern , immigrations have influenced society and culture to become what it is today.

From war and blood shed, people are forced to migrate and travel, the flower that sprouts from the ashes, is the fruit that we will eat in the future, as the combination of all nations comes together though music, food, dance, film, art and culture!

combine, fusion, mix and experience the fusion of Malabi Tropical!

one day not far from today, society will be mixed and influenced by all cultures, as borders are broken and flags are set aside, the reality our grandchildren will be living and the fruit that they will be eating, will have the flavor of all.
as time passes.... hundreds of centuries of years, the human race is bound to become ONE!