Uri’s story begins in L.A California, where he was born. At the age of 10 he moved to Mexico city  and grew up in a jewish ghetto (believe it or not).

When he was 23 he left on a journey in a van packed with musical instruments and a dog, travelling from Canada to Costa Rica. With out any formal musical education, but with a passion and a dream of creating music and performing. At the beginning of 2012, he met Nitzan Aroshas in Costa Rica, who inspite of his turkish origins, was drawn to latin music and travelled to Costa Rica to surf and play music with the locals who taught him to play the congo like they do in the jungle. In Costa Rica people gather together from all over the world to surf, play music, and drink from the same coconut. The 2 of them started performing together, embarked on a journey in Uri’s van all over Costa Rica, accumulating international audience.

Uri decided to move to israel, and Nitzan decided to go back home (israel), in 2014 the band with no name started to perform in israel. To there surprise, they realized that tropical music, booty shakes middle eastern culture as well, the band started performing intensively all over the country, playing in clubs,festivals,venues & wild street partys.

The band combined  tropical carribean music with middle eastern gypsy melodies. Dvir Golan joined the band and brought with him the jazzy saxophone which took the band another step ahead. Last to join the band was the bass player Itamar Raviv & finally the band found its name “Malabi Tropical”.

The band continues to perform as a quartet, hosting musicians & travelers from around the world playing different instruments such as: violin, piano, brass & more.

Since 2014 the band has performed more than 200 shows (!!!) all over the country, and will be playing in some of the biggest and most important festivals around the country. The show breaks all age boundaries, leaving the audience hard to stay in place. Malabi Tropical define themselves as a MULTICULTURAL fiesta, “Our music represents, the fusion, and the evolution of multicultural societes in wich we are inspired, imigrations have influenced all cultures and the result is the flavour, that can be tasted in all music, food, dance, art etc……”

In 2016 the  first album was released: 

By the end of 2017 the band was invited to play in different countries, like Astana (Kazajstan), Budapest (Hungary) and north California (U.S.A)…

The Group Recently came back from a very successful tour in India, where they participated in festivals, like… Mood indigo (Mumbai), Into the wild (Imphal) and Goa sun splash (Goa).

At the beginning of 2018 they were invited to play in Athens (Greece) and went to there first tour in Colombia in April 2018!

the band is currently in the beutiful coast of the mediterenean, in the amazing city of tel-aviv producing there next album.

If the mountain does not come to the Malabi…. The Malabi will come to the mountain!

PHOTO BY - noam chomsky